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Third-party-funded project

Research and Developmental Project of the Organisation and Quality Control of a regional hospital. Case example: the Geomed Clinic Gerolzhofen

Project management at the University of Würzburg:


Research and Developmental Project of the Organisation and Quality Control of a regional hospital. Case example: the Geomed Clinic, Gerolzhofen

Background and theoretical questions

In 1994 several measures concerning quality control were introduced in the regional hospital in Gerolzhofen, in part by the Institute for Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology, University of Würzburg. The questioning of the co-workers and the investigation of the interests of medical practitioners led to results which could be used in the improvement of the clinic. Additionally, a few quality circles were started to address specific problem areas, particularly with regard to patient dissatisfaction in the surgical department. The questioning of patients was planned as a routine instrument from the onset. Since then it is performed and assessed regularly.

On the basis of this long-standing co-operation, the management of the Geomed Clinic and the Institute for Psychotherapy und Medical Psychology, Uni-ver-si-ty of Würzburg, agreed on a closer collaboration on a project dealing with the scientific accompaniment of further organisational development and the establishment of a modern quality management system. The aim of the research and developmental project (initially planned for one year) is to integrate the single quality control measures into one extensive quality management system of the Geomed Clinic. The project includes as single building bricks: a fundamental development of the patient polls, an updated co-worker poll and, in particular, the formation of topic-centred work groups (quality circles) for solving specific problems. Procedures are systemised and compiled, so as to enable the application for the certification of the quality control system according to current standards (DIN-ISO 9000:2000 or KTQ EFQM).

Aim and procedure

One aim of the project is the optimisation of the communication structures. This should result from an inventory of the co-worker satisfaction, available procedural documents and the subsequent initialisation of change processes in the clinic's communication structures. In this way it was shown that positive effects could be gained through changes of the documentation and the passing-on of information. In the long-run this process should serve as a first step in an extensive, continuous quality management (TQM), as stipulated in § 135a "obligations of quality control" of the Sozialgesetzbuch V (Social Law Book V).

Key words:
    quality management
    organisational development
    patient polls

Projekt period: from 09.2001 to 08.2002

Funding institution:
Sonstige private Mittel ( Geomed-Klinik Gerolzhofen ) ,Granting date: 30.09.2001