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Research focus:  

Neurochirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik
Josef-Schneider-Str. 11, 97080 Würzburg

Scientific members:

   Outside lecturer:

   Scientific assistants:

   Other participating persons and organisations:

Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.
Main topics:
Monitoring of N. facialis in acoustic neuroma surgery;
Monitoring of hearing in acoustic neuroma surgery;
Spinal monitoring in pediatric dysplasias;
EEG monitoring in aneurysm surgery;

Monitoring of N. facialis: Decrease of permanent paresis of the N.facialis down to 2%; prediction of paresis due to quantitative parameters.
Monitoring of hearing: Hearing preservation due to development of a combined monitoring of BAEP and ECochG.
Spinal monitoring in pediatric dysplasias: Development of a high-voltage stimulation for monitoring of motor function.
EEG monitoring in aneurysm surgery: Combined EEG and SSEP monitoring

Rewards and prizes:
One of the former members of the study group, Dr. med. R. Goldbrunner, became assistant professor in 2001.
Schlake HP et al: Technical developments in intraoperative monitoring for the preservation of cranial motor nerves and hearing in skull base surgery.
Neurol Res 1999; 21:11-24;
Goldbrunner R et al: Quantitative parameters of intraoperative electromyography predict facial nerve outcomes for vestibular schwannoma surgery.
Neurosurg 2000; 46:1140-1148;
Schlake HP et al: Intraoperative electromyographic monitoring of the lower cranial motor nerves (LCN IX-XII) in skull base surgery.
Clin Neurol Neurosurg 2001; 103:72-82.

2 Inomed Ewacs machines (Cranial nerve monitoring);
20 channel digital EEG