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Third-party-funded project

Novel mechanisms of cell communication in the nervous system:
Physiology and function of the p75 neurotrophin receptor"

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The role of p75NTR in mediating the regulatory effects of neurotrophins on noxious heat and capsaicin sensitivity will be investigated using cell culture systems as well as analysis of cuteneous sensory neurons in situ. In addition to comparisons between wild type and p75NTR knock-out preparations, the specific role of p75NTR in these processes will be studied using mutant ligands deficient in p75NTR binding and purified preparations. The objective of this project will be to translate the fundamental knowledge that has been derived from reduced cellular systems to functional studies in the adult nervous system nociceptive pathways.

Key words:
    sensory neurons
    mouse mutants

Projekt period: from 02.2000 to 01.2003

Funding institution:
EU ,Granting date: 10.01.2000

Preceding project:
SFB 353, B13