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Third-party-funded project

Regulation of the phenotype of sensory neurons

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The sensitization of nociceptors by tissue inflammation and nerve lesions is the pathologic hallmark of chronic pain and hyperalgesia. The voltage gated ion channels and receptors for transmitters and co-transmitters seem to be directly linked to the development of pain and hyperalgesia. Neurotrophins and cytokines are important for receptor and channel regulation. The investigation aims at characterizing these features in nerve-skin preparations and in isolated dorsal root ganglion cells.

Key words:
    Sensory neurons
    dorsal root ganglial cells
    neurotrophic factors

Projekt period: from 01.1999 to 12.2000

Funding institution:
DFG ,Granting date: 02.12.1994

Preceding project:
SFB 353, B13, 1. Förderperiode