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Third-party-funded project

High-resolution NMR studies of standardized Xenograft-squamous cell carcinomas: Acidosis-metabolismn,perfusion and oxygenation.

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

This multicenter project studies the correlation between tumor hypoxia, microenvironment and radiosensitivity. 10 - 15 different standardized xenograft tumors are studied by different methods.
The project in Würzburg investigates noninvasive high resolution NMR-measurements of radiobiologically relevant parameters in vivo. This will be mainly microcirculation and perfusion dependent oxygenation, extracellular pH and spatial distribution of metabolites, e.g. lactate.
This should also pertain to the clinical situation in patients. However, this project involves method validation in xenograft models. To this direct correlation of MRI data with the results of biochemical and histological tests, that are performed in the same animals pm by the other collaborating groups (Mainz, Dresden)

Projekt period: from 01.03 to 12.05

Funding institution:
DFG ( Fl 225 /2-1 (Paketantrag) ) ,Granting date: 05.12.02