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Third-party-funded project

Interactive visualization of algorithms for teaching

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

It is our goal to develop a tool that

* makes it easy to visualize geometric algorithms
* allows interactive manipulation of input data
* lets the student step through the algorithm at any level of detail
* gives guidance and hints to every step of an algorithm.

Further aims are to achieve platform independence and to keep the required resources small.

IVY is a high level java tool kit based on Gishur. Gishur is a low level java library consisting of fundamental geometric data types, algorithms and a flexible engine for interactive visualization. Gishur and IVY are strongly linked to each other and developed in parallel.

The software is used in our lecture at the Bavarian virtual university »virtuelle Hochschule Bayern«

Projekt period: from 09.1998 to 12.2000

Funding institution:
Sondermittel Land Bayern ( . )

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