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Third-party-funded project

ROENOBIO: Robust energy optimization of fermentation processes for the production of biogas and wine

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Fermentation plays an outstanding role as basic biochemical process during various technological processes. In this project fermentation processes are to be modelled and simulated spatially and temporally in detail for the production of fermentation gas and wine. By the combined investigation of the fermentation gas and wine production it is possible to use synergy effects, since the easily controllable wine fermentation can be regarded as prototype for the more complex biogas fermentation. The models will be developed based on a common generic basic model with the goal of optimizing the processes in particular regarding the thermal energy expenditure whereby product specific aspects are considered such as gas yield (biogas) or flavour profile (wine). Thus this project belongs to the demand area climate/energy of the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government.

Key words:
    Scientific Computing

Projekt period: from 07.2013 to 06.2016

Funding institution:
Bund ,Granting date: 06/2013

Research at the Chair of Scientific Computing