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Third-party-funded project

A critical edition of the Paralipomena Jeremiou

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The "Paralipomena Jeremiou" is an early Jewish document which later was revised by Christian writers and dates back to the end of the first century A.D. or the beginning of the second century A.D., respectively. Therefore this document belongs to the time of the New Testament and is supposed to reveal the process of how Judaism and Christianity went into separate directions. But, in order to put it into the right religious and historical context and to find possible relations to the scriptures of the New Testament, it is necessary to have a complete text basis, which is non-existent up to now. And this - a cricial edition on the basis of all Greek manuscripts - is the aim of the DFG-funded research project of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heininger from the Department for New Testament Studies.

Especially the 23 manuscripts of the so-called "long form" of the "Paralipomena Jeremiou" are relevant for the edition, whilst the 40 manuscripts of the "short form" are only secondary for the textual criticism. All important manuscripts will be collectet - either as printed copy or on microfilm - archived, deciphered and critically compared. Finally, a critical edition of the "Paralipomena Jeremiou" will be published, which is supposed to be the basis for every further scientific research on this document in the future. The documentation on CD-ROM or the Internet, respectively, wants to make the critical decisions and their basis - the manuscripts - accessible to a wider scientific audience through its digitalised form.

Key words:
    Paralipomena Jeremiou
    Critical edition

Projekt period: from 05.2005 to 04.2007

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