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Third-party-funded project

Higgs production and decay in models with extra singlets and doublets - Precise predictions for the LHC

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The discovery of a Higgs particle at the LHC was a spectacular success of particle physics. As next step the properties of this particle have to be measured precisely and it must be investigated whether the new boson is the Higgs boson of the Standard Model. This requires to study extended models and to compare them to experimental data. An interesting class of extended models are those with additional Higgs singlets and doublets. These models allow for a consistent description of additional physical Higgs bosons which are searched for at the LHC. Since the differences between the Standard Model and these extended models might be small, precise theoretical predictions including corrections of next-to-leading order are mandatory. This project aims at the investigation of Standard Model extensions with additional Higgs singlets or doublets. The important Higgs production and decay processes will be evaluated including strong and electroweak corrections.

Key words:
    elementary particle physics
    quantum field theory
    2-Higgs doublet model
    quantum chromodynamics
    electroweak interaction
    perturbation theory
    collider physics

Projekt period: from 02.2015 to 12.2018

Funding institution:
DFG ,Granting date: 14.11.2013


Theoretical Physics II
Ansgar Denner
Christian Sturm
Laura Jenniches