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Third-party-funded project

Religion as event

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Events are estimated as a sign of todays youths culture. They meanwhile are established in pastoral activities for the youth as well. But what does that mean for the conceptions of youth-pastoral-programms? How to describe the scene that meets at religious events? What are the young people searching for, what do they experience and how do the judge on both: elements and special character of religious events? Raising data abotu this hardly described phenomenons is the major aim of this project. Secondly there will be a World Youth Day in Germany in 2004. We hope to get insights which should be helpful to plan and organize this event.

Projekt period: from 08.2002 to 07.2005

Funding institution:
Sonstige öffentliche Mittel ( Arbeitsstelle für Jugendarbeit (Dt. Bischofskonferrenz) )