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Research focus:  

C 3-Prof. f. Theoret. Physik (Oppermann)
Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg

Scientific members:


   Scientific assistants:

   Other participating persons and organisations:

Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
glassy phases in fermionic systems (quantum spin glasses, superconducting glasses): numericoanalytical treatment of replica symmetry breaking in fermionic systems
new mechanisms of fermion localization
competing phases and electronic transport

basic local Greens function theory of superconducting glasses and fermionic spin glasses; analysis of competing gap structures and of replica symmetry breaking (RSB) effects on pseudogaps, numerical and analytical results for Parisi order parameter functions at zero temperature, new renormalization group techniques in replica space,
new replica symmetry breaking schemes
many field theoretic developments (generalizing the Popov Fedotov fermionization of spin systems, Schwinger-Keldysh semionic approach, sigma model renormalization for glassy superconductors etc)
application of spin glass theory to semiconductors, in particualer to layered structures

Rewards and prizes:
grants of leading research institutes supporting the described research program,
for example university of Oxford, CEA Saclay, MPI Heidelberg (for R.O.) and Weizmann-institute (for M.Kiselev)