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Research focus:  

Lehrstuhl für Kriminologie und Strafrecht
Domerschulstr. 16, 97070 Würzburg

Scientific members:


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Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
Execution of Sentences/Imprisonment;
Sexual Criminal law;
Penal law in general;
Criminology and Juvenile delinquency

I. Execution of Sentences:
Presentation of the German legal basis in total and treatment of special problems.
Handbook Detention, 3rd ed. 2003;
Diary of Prison Language, 2001;
Foreigners in Prison and Internationalization of Correction, in: Publication in honor of Böhm, 1999, p. 307-322;
Legal Protection during Imprisonment - Reform in the View of Science and Practice, in: Series of Publications by Bundesvereinigung der Anstaltsleiter im Strafvollzug e. V., vol. 5, p. 43-61;
Protection of Prisoners' Rights on an European Level, in: Publication in honor of the 600th Anniversary of the Bavarian Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg 2002, p. 169-188;
Legal Protection by the Judge in Proceedings according to Sections 109 pp. StVollzG (German corrections' code), in: Publication in memory of Meurer, 2002, p. 483-494;
Detention by Private Enterprises, in: Publication in memory of Blomeyer, 2004, p. 415-425;
Migration and Detention, in AWR-Bulletin 2004, p. 33-46;
Remark on decision by OLG Hamm, 11.2.1999 - 1 Vollz (Ws) 4/99, in: JR 2000, p. 170-171;
Remark on decision by OLG Dresden, 28.6.2000 - 2 Ws 344/00, in: JR 2001, p. 171-173.
II. Sexual criminal law:
Study of German law in force and discussion of special items.
Sexual Crimes. Crimes against Sexual Self-determination, 2000;
Protection of Sexually Abused Children in Austrian and German Criminal Procedures, in: Publication in memory of Zipf, 1999, p. 469-482;
Penal Law Protecting Prisoners and Other Persons in Custody from Sexual Trespasses, in: Publication in honor of Gössel, 2002, p. 359-367;
Remark on decision by BGH, 12.12.2000 - 4 StR 464/00, in: NStZ 2001, S. 367-369.
III. Penal law in general:
Discussion of special problems.
Foreigners' Mistakes of Law in the Perspective of Unification of European Law, in: GA 2000, p. 205-223 (together with Baier, H.) [Japanese Translation in: The Hogaku Ronshu 2001, p. 159-188];
Provisions on Driving Drunk and on Drugs, in: Krüger (ed.), Alcohol and Drugs in Street Traffic, Hamburg 2000, p. 21-35;
Addictive Drugs: Social Acceptance in Contradiction to Punishment under Traffic Law, in: Rechtsmedizin - Vorträge über aktuelle Themen, copy 15, Würzburg 2000, p. 34-47.
IV. Criminology and juvenile delinquency:
Presentation of cases for students, discussion of topical aspects in penal law and criminology.
Collection of Cases for the Optional Subject Criminology, Juvenile Penal Law and Imprisonment, Springer Verlag Berlin - Heidelberg 2nd ed. 2004;
New Criminal Politics for a New Century? in: GA 2001, p. 1-22 (together with Baier, H.);
Examination Paper Juvenile Penal Law: Immediate Repetition of Offence, in: JA 2001, p. 850-855;
Crime Prevention by means of integration, in: AWR-Bulletin 2002, p. 171-178;
Examination Paper Penal Law: A Fight at the Festival, in: JA 2004, p. 39-47;
Private Knowledge an Criminal Responsibility of Police Officers, in: Publication in honour of Weber, 2004, p. 109-125;
The Renaissance of Preventive Detention, in: ZStW 2004, p. 703-750.