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Third-party-funded project

Development of a routine instrument of patient survey in the rehabilitation of accident insurance

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Patient surveys represent an indispensable building stone of an extensive quality control programme against the background of an increasing user-orientation in health service.

The aim of the project was – based on the foundation of literature research – to develop a routine instrument for questioning patients in co-operative vocational, inpatient further treatment (BGSW) of accident insurance and to prepare this instrument for further methodological testing.

Questioning instruments were conceptualised for three measurement time points. At the beginning of the inpatient medical rehabilitation (T1), four weeks after completion of the inpatient medical rehabilitation (T2) and six months after discharge from the rehabilitation clinic (T3). In this way an indirect measurement of change is implemented, which from a methodological point of view is preferable to the direct measurement of change (retrospective questioning at one time point). With regard to content, change was measured on the following main dimensions: professional re-integration, health improvement and quality of life as well as satisfaction with the BGSW measure.

The questionnaire was implemented on approval in six BGSW-clinics for the time points T1 and T2 (n = 180 patients). On account of a high number of declines and an acceptable number of missing details, conclusions could be drawn concerning the general practicability of the instrument; scales in need of revision could be identified.

Key words:
    inpatient survey
    quality of outcome
    quality assurance
    inpatient medical rehabilitation
    german statutory accident insurance

Projekt period: from 10.2001 to 12.2001

Funding institution:
Sonstige öffentliche Mittel ( Bundesverband der Unfallkassen (BUK), München ) ,Granting date: 17.10.2001