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Third-party-funded project

Function and Activity of the transcriptional Repressor ZEB in T-Cells

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

ZEB is an important regulator of mesodermal cells and tissues. A directly ZEB-switch off in mouse leads to a disturbed skelton-muscle-construction and to a strong defect of the T-Cells-Development. We could show that the expressio of CD4-molecule which is important for T-Cells-Development is regulated by ZEB. In part, this is an explanation for this defect. As our target we hopefully can show the significance of ZEB for physiological and pathological occurence in T-cells and can define the mechanism of its transcriptional molecular repression.

Key words:
    ZEB Transcription Factor

Projekt period: from 07.1999 to 12.2005

Funding institution:
DFG ( SFB 466 TP B3 ) ,Granting date: 03.03.1999