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Third-party-funded project

Development of a hCYR61 mimetic for tissue regeneration in degenerative bone diseases

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

hCYR61 (human cystein rich protein 61) is an extracellular matrix associated signaling protein, which belongs to a novel cystein rich protein family (CCN-family). The protein is important in bone and cartilage development and in tissue regeneration (bone, cartilage, heart muscle) initiated from adult mesenchymal stem cells. The protein also is a stimulator of neoangiogenesis. This process is mediated by integrin receptors. Due to this dual function on tissue regeneration and angiogenesis hCYR61 is an interesting target for pharmacolcogical interventions aimed to stimulate regeneration processes in degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, for neoangigenesis and for tissue engineering. Using recombinant proteins (full length and domains) the binding site for integrin receptors shall be characterized and modeled at the molecular level. Development of mimetics is aimed to be able to manipulate tissue regeneration in processed initiated from mesenchymal stem cells. The project has major implications for other tissues such as neoangiogenesis in wound healing or antagonists for local

Key words:
    Cysteine rich protein 61
    tissue regeneration

Projekt period: from 11.2002 to 11.2005

Funding institution:
DFG ( Schu 747/4-5 ) ,Granting date: 22.11.2002

Preceding project:
DFG Schu 747/4-3