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Third-party-funded project

Osteogenic Stem Cell Differentiation and Therapy of Bone Loss

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Stimulation of bone modeling is a clinically relevant and unsolved problem. Transcription factors (cbfa1 and vitamin D receptor), signalling compounds (1,25 vitamin D3, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP)and integrins are master genes of osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and of bone metabolism. This Clinical Research Unit characterizes genes of therapeutic relevance, which are under control of such master genes and produces recombinant factors of respective signalling cascades. New data shall be fed into the following processes: 1) Characterization of new osteoinductive genes including x-ray analysis of signalling factors and drug design; 2) Tissue Engineering for the replacement of bone defects using mesenchymal stem cells; 3) Minimal Invasice Surgery for osteoinduction in fracture prone regions; 4) Clinical studies for systemic therapy of local and generalized osteoporosis. Development of new procedures or improvement of established procedures shall be patented and prepared for routine use. The interdisciplinary constitution of the group is an important basis to achieve the goales we have set up. Interaction with other research and clinical units active in ostelogic research at this University (e.g. Biochemistry, Biology, Internal Medicine, Oral Surgery, Pediatrics, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Physics) and the producing industry a Competence Center shall be developed, which runs basic scientific as well as application oriented research in order to improve patient care. There is urgent need to establish research on bone loss, which will even rise during upcoming decades in the context of the demographic structure of aging societies in industrilized countries.

Key words:
    mesenchymal stem cells
    bone loss

Projekt period: from 11.2001 to 11.2004

Funding institution:
DFG ( Klinische Forschergruppe ) ,Granting date: 30.11.2001