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Third-party-funded project

Effect of ischaemia and reperfusion induced oxidative stress on transplant vasculopathy in the heterotopic rat model.

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Aim of the study is to investigate the effects of oxidative stress, initiated by ischaemia and reperfusion, on the formation of transplant vasculopathy following heterotopic rat heart transplantation. In short term experiments, the reaction of the endogenous, myocardial anti-oxidative defense system, the formation of lipid hydroperoxides and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal as well as HSP27 and 70 and caspase 3 due to an I / R damage is investigated in rat heart tissue. In long term experiments, the consequences of the reactions caused by ischaemia and reperfusion for the formation of a transplant vasculopathy and the effects of an anti-oxidative therapy with Idebenon are elucidated.

Key words:
    ischaemia / reperfusion damage
    oxidative stress

Projekt period: from 07.2000 to 04.2003

Funding institution:
Landeshaushalt Wissenschaftsministerium ,Granting date: 01.07.2000