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Lehrstuhl für Klassische Philologie II
Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg

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All over Europe, but especially in Germany and the adjacent regions, the age of confessional conflict was also a time when many new churches were built. As a contribution to the inaugural celebrations, Latin-writing authors both Catholic and Protestant have created the "descriptio templi", a highly complex kind of ecphrastic panegyric. In these poems, three major elements - the tradition of ancient rhetorical description, Christian approaches to the interpretation of sacred art, and meditation upon religious themes - are combined. They are important documents for "confessional humanism" which dominates this era. All poems, edited for the first time with apparatus criticus, have received a detailed commentary featuring philological, historical, and theological items. They also contribute to the knowledge of a number of outstanding buildings that have long disappeared from sight and memory.

Descriptio templi - Architektur und Fest in der lateinischen Dichtung des konfessionellen Zeitalters, i. Druck (PhD dissertation Würzburg 2001)

Die poetische Beschreibung der Molsheimer Jesuitenkirche, erscheint in frz. Übers. in: Annuaire de la Société d'histoire et archéologie de Molsheim et environs.