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Lehrstuhl für Klassische Philologie II
Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg

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A series of laudatory epigrams about Bavarian rulers, published by the Jesuits of Munich in1597, is an important document of contemporary political thought. A detailed analysis shows the anonymous authors' efforts in adapting Johannes Aventinus' historical writings, then interdicted to Catholic readers, to the needs of Wittelsbach genealogical and ideological concepts. - A preliminary study, based on printed and manuscript sources, presents the Latin and German literary history of Würzburg from the Peasants' War to the town's incorporation into the kingdom of Bavaria in the early 19th century.

Successio Christianorum Bavriae Principum. Humanistische Fürstendichtung, politische Aussagen und Ergebnisse landesgeschichtlicher Forschung in der Herrscherepigrammen der "Trophaea Bavarica", in: J. Oswald u.a. Hgg., Jesuitica, München 2001 (Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte Bh. 17), 255-330.

Lateinische und deutsche Literatur, in: U. Wagner u.a. Hgg., Geschichte der Stadt Würzburg II, i. Druck