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Third-party-funded project

The crystalline basement of the Oates Coast region, northern Wilson Terrane, Ross orogen, Antarctica

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The Wilson Terrane, part of the Ross orogen of North Victorialand and of the Oates Coast, borders the Precambrian continent of East Antarctica and played the role of an active conti-nental margin during the Ross orogeny nearly 500 million years ago. During an early oroge-netic stage, oceanic lithosphere was subducted beneath the Wilson Terrane, wereas it was most probably undergone by a colliding continent during the final orogenic stage. The area of the northern Wilson Terrane was mapped and sampled during the 2 expeditions GANOVEX V and VII. The metamorphic basement can be subdivided into three different units. For each of them, the metamorphic evolution was determined by means of pressure-temperature-paths. Radiometric age determinations allowed for an age correlation of this metamorphic evolution. Furthermore, the metamorphic units were investigated geochemically and isotope-geochemically. Three conspicuous basic intrusions were investigated in the same way. Final publication of the results is under progress.

Key words:
    radiometric age determination
    metamorphic evolution
    basic intrusions

Projekt period: since 01.1998

Funding institution: