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Lehrstuhl für Philosophie III
Institut für Philosophie, Residenz - Südflügel, 97070 Würzburg

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Edith Stein, the philosopher and theologian who started as assistent to Edmund Husserl, is also the German translator of two major writings of Thomas Aquinas: the "Quaestiones disputatae de veritate" and the "De ente et essentia". These translations are an exemplary case of the encounter of neoscholasticism and modern philosophy in the first decades of the twentieth century. The edition (which for the translation of "De ente et essentia" is the first edition ever) is accompanied by historical analyses of key terms and leading themes of Edith Stein's studies of Thomas Aquinas. The project thus offers a privileged view of the possibility (which is discussed until today) of combining phenomenology and scholastic thinking in a philosophical discourse.


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