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Third-party-funded project

Prediction and Prevention of Reading and Spelling Deficits: How important are grammar and vocabulary?

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Though much is known about important prerequisites of reading and spelling development and the existence of several sreening instruments for identifying children at risk for reading problems, some children failing in reading and writing aren`t identified. Even for the best evaluated German screening for the early identification of children at risk (Bielefelder Screening, Jansen, Mannhaupt, Marx, & Skowronek, 1998), which focuses on phonological processing, the sensitivity is low. Because about 50 % of language impaired children develop reading problems in school, our project addresses the question whether the sensitivity of the screening could be improved by adding subtests to detect language impaired children. Additionally we want to examine the usefulness of the prevention program „Hören, Lauschen, Lernen“ for children with grammatical problems or language comprehension deficits. The design is a combination of correlation and intervention study and there are two cohorts involved. The younger cohort consists of children who will start school in 2003 and are about four years old at the beginning of the study. The older cohort consists of children who started school in 2001 and who were in their last year of kindergarten when tested first. The longitudinal study is planned to be continued until 2005.

Key words:
    Prediction of reading and spelling problems
    Prevention of reading and spelling problems
    Language disorders

Projekt period: from 02.2001 to 01.2003

Funding institution:
DFG ,Granting date: 11.01.2001