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Third-party-funded project

Biosynthesis of plant signals and secondary metabolites from unsaturated fatty acids

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

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The formation of cyclic oxylipins of the jasmonate and phytoprostane type from linolenic acid in plants is investigated. Several groups of novel phytoprostanes were discovered to be biosynthesized in planta via a free radical catalyzed pathway. Phytoprostane levels were found to occur in planta at levels similar to members of the jasmonate hormone family. Oxidative stress dramatically induced phytoprostane levels in plant cell cultures and plants. Since phytoprostanes display a variety of biological activivities similar to jasmonates, phytoprostanes may represent novel lipid mediators that are triggered by oxidative stress in planta.

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Projekt period: from 01.2000 to 12.2002

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Preceding project:
SFB 369 TPA6 (erste Förderperiode)


SFB 369