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Third-party-funded project

Cyclic Metallosupramolecular Dye Assemblies: Synthesis, Characterisation, and Optical Properties

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:


Aim of the project is the synthesis of structurally well-defined architectures which bear a multitude of fluorophores around a cyclic scaffold and the characterisation of the mutual interactions between the dye subunits. In order to suppress inhomogeneous line broadening effects that limit the information obtainable from conventional optical experiments, we want to apply single molecule spectroscopic techniques. Our approach is modular and based on a self-organisation process between four pyridine-substituted perylene bisimide dyes and four cis-Pt(II) or cis-Pd(II) metal centers resulting in highly fluorescent nanosized molecular squares. Attachment of up to four additional chromophores at each perylene bisimide building block affords cyclic supramolecular architectures in the nanometer regime (5 nm x 5 nm x 4 nm). As an additional feature these assemblies exhibit a large cavity of about 2 nm x 2 nm x 1-2 nm which might be useful to accommodate functional guest molecules like porphyrins.

Key words:
    Metallosupramolecular Squares
    Light Harvesting Systems
    Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Projekt period: from 04.2001 to 10.2005

Funding institution:
VW-Stiftung ,Granting date: 06.04.2001