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Third-party-funded project

New Prospects for Electrooptical Materials through Dipole-induced Self-Organization of Merocyanine Dyes

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The central aim of this project is to explore novel possibilities related to dipole-induced self-organization processes of dyes in the design of electrooptically active materials such as photorefractive or electrooptical polymers. These materials exhibit a broad range of potential technological applications including optical signal processing and optical data storage, however,  require high dye loading. Under these conditions dye aggregates are formed by an interplay between internal (intermolecular interactions) and external forces (interaction with an external electric field). In the given project for the first time dye aggregation will be actively addressed on different levels of hierarchy by structural, superstructural and external energetical (electric-field-induced) means. Three approaches based on heterodimerization, dentronization and rotaxane formation will be followed to direct the supramolecular ordering within the dye aggregates from unfavorable dipoleless assemblies into favorable ones with high dipole moments. A variety of advanced linear and nonlinear optical techniques including (electro)optical absorption/emission spectroscopy, time-dependent (phase-modulated) fluorescence, 2D NMR spectroscopy, ellipsometry and holographic-optical methods will be utilized for structural characterization of self-organized aggregates and materials. 

Key words:
    Merocyanine Dyes
    Dipolar Interactions
    Photorefractive Materials
    Electrooptical Materials

Projekt period: from 06.2003 to 03.2008

Funding institution:
VW-Stiftung ,Granting date: 27.06.2003