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Third-party-funded project

"Basic investigations on spatially resolved SER-spectroscopy on single cells" within the BMBF network "The basics of laser based acquisition of bio parameters in the pico to atto liter regime"

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Two methods to perform spatially resolved SERS-spectroscopy on single cells have been developed within this BMBF project: (1) setup of an optical metal particle tweezers in combination with SERS and the (2) development of a SERS probe in combination with a small and portable Raman spectrometer. Both methods allow sensitive investigations with a spatial resolution down to the submicron range. Biological samples are very often extremely sensitive towards too high laser power. Therefore it is essential to position the laser exactly onto the desired measurement point. This can be achieved with the SERS-fiber probe which was developed in our laboratory. The laser is coupled into the probe and leaves it again at the etched tip. The small size of the tip (< µm) guarantees a high spatial resolution since the the excitation laser leaves the fiber only at the small tip. Additionally the metal coated tip serves as the SERS substrate for recording the SERS spectra.

Key words:
    SERS spectroscopy
    SERS probe
    Raman spectroscopy on single cells

Projekt period: from 01.1999 to 12.2002

Funding institution:
Landeshaushalt Wissenschaftsministerium ( BMBF Verbundprojekt )