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SFB 355 Pathophysiologie der Herzinsuffizienz Medizinische Klinik
Med. Universitätsklinik, Josef-Schneider-Str. 2, D-97080 Würzburg

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Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
Collaborative Research Centre 355: Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

The central theme of the SFB 355 is the study of the causes, consequences, and therapy of heart failure. The heart failure syndrome results primarily from heart and circulatory diseases such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, and has a major medical and socio-economic impact due to its increasing incidence. The multifactorial etiology and complex consequences for other organ systems requires an interdisciplinary research approach. Research groups of section A (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) of the SFB 355 develop new NMR methods for analysis of cardiac morphology, circulation, metabolism, and function. These methods are applied a) to pathophysiological mechanisms of heart failure, and b) to clinical studies of patients treated for heart failure. Section B (Pathophysiology) investigates the basic mechanisms of development of chronic heart failure after myocardial infarction, especially the role of endogenous hormones (renin, angiotensin, endothelin, atrial factors, and nitric oxide), endothelial cells, and important regulators of calcium homeostasis. Section C (Pathobiochemistry and Molecular Biology) focuses on analyses of cell and molecular biology of the functions of receptors for hormones as well as adhesion and growth factors, and their significance with respect to heart failure. Furthermore, genetically engineered transgenic mice are being developed and examined as animal models of heart disease in the Würzburg SFB 355 using the recently developed methods in biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, and physics.

SFB 355 Publications 1999: Articles

(A1-C10: Projects involved)

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SFB 355 Publications 2000: Articles

(A1-C10: projects involved)

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University Hospital, Würzburg