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Third-party-funded project

TRAINing of TRAIN Drivers in safety relevant issues with validated and integrated computer-based technology (2TRAIN)

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

As a continually growing economic area the European railway sector is characterised by in-creasing advancements in technology and staff requirements. In order to achieve safe, competitive and interoperable railways a particular attention to the qualification of train drivers is essential. To realise a consistent European level of drivers' competencies it is necessary to establish common training technology, common training contents as well as generally accepted assessment procedures. Based on experiences made in the past, 2TRAIN aims at developing European standards for the training of train driver competencies providing best-practice guidelines for an efficient, safety enhancing and cost-effective use of latest computer-based training technologies. Starting point of 2TRAIN will be a benchmarking of training technology, contents and models already in use in Europe. To reach a harmonisation of today's diverse training technologies and to allow a standardised driver evaluation, a common data interface will be developed and implemented into three simulator pilots. In addition, a CBT-pilot will be realised. In the second step common training simulation scenarios and CBT modules will be developed that will particularly focus on the training of crisis management competencies and abilities to act in rarely occurring hazardous situations. The trainees´ actual behaviour will be compared to predefined target behaviour. The results will be stored in an assessment database that will be used as a base for the development of a virtual instructor and further add-on systems, e.g. standardised performance evaluation. The quality of 2TRAIN is ensured by a) a close collaboration between operational railway companies (incl. light rail and metro) and their partners in the field of R&D, by b) the integration of the newest computer-based training technologies and by c) the strong support from a user group consisting of further European stakeholders.

Key words:
    Train driver

Projekt period: from 10.2006 to 09.2009

Funding institution:
EU ( DG Tren ) ,Granting date: 01.10.2006

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