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Third-party-funded project

Set up and optimization of a tumour tissue bank for the characterization of colorectal carcinoma

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

Colorectal carcinoma is one of the most common malignancies worldwide. Despite aggres-sive therapeutic approach like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy many patients suffer from relapse of disease or die in progression. Therapeutic strategy is performed according to the stage of disease. Common classifications do not consider individual and tumorspecific characteristics like chromosomal, biological and clinical features. The analysis of these characteristics and their variations are a main focus of this program. For the evaluation of new therapeutic approaches the development of a tumor animal model is necessary. In accordance to the results of this program relevant prognostic parameters will be determined to increase our knowledge and understanding of colorectal carcinoma. In the long term an individualized therapy with better outcome is the aim of this interdisciplinary research group.

Projekt period: from 07.2000 to 04.2004

Funding institution:
Landeshaushalt Wissenschaftsministerium