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Third-party-funded project

Molecular- and cytogenetic characterisation of the colorectal carcinoma

Project management at the University of Würzburg:

Participating scientists:

The aim of this study is to characterize colorectal carcinoma tissue by molecular genetic (allelotyping of regions 1p, 5q 8p, 17p, 18q, 22q, imprinting status of the IGF2-gene) and cytogenetic techniques (SKY, CGH, FISH). Recent studies showed that SKY is the method of choice for accurate and definitive karyotyping of the complex chromosomal alterations. Marker chromosomes found by SKY and CGH will be further analyzed by FISH-technology. Allelotyping enables a description of the distribution of allelic losses (LOH) in colorectal carcinomas. Analysis of the imprinting status of the IGF2 gene may show a loss of imprining (LOI) in carcinomas mirroring epigenetic changes. The distribution of LOH´s and LOI´s will be correlated with patient prognosis and changes of the tumor phenotype.

Key words:
    spectral karyotyping
    colon cancer
    loss of heterozygosity

Projekt period: from 07.2000 to 04.2004

Funding institution:
Landeshaushalt Wissenschaftsministerium