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Research focus:  

Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung
Josef-Schneider-Str. 2, 97080 Würzburg

Scientific members:


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Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
Interdisciplinary biomedical-clinical research has a long tradition at the Unversity of Würzburg. In continuation of this tradition, the Interdisciplinary Center of Clinical Research Würzburg, founded 1996, is organized as a major research area of the Medical Faculty. It complements the existing research structures and forms a comprehensive and by multiple interconnections enforced environment for the continuity of excellent and internationally research. Currently, 35 scientific projects focus on two areas of research: "Alterations of Immune Regulation" and "Vascular Diseases". Within these main areas the research groups of the IZKF investigate the pathological aspects of inflammation, tumor-host interactions, autoimmunity and transplantation as well as pathogenesis and therapy of vascular diseases.

A major goal of the IZKF is the training and support of young researchers in biomedical research to ensure the continuation of excellent clinical research in the long term. To achieve this goal the IZKF pursues the following strategies:

1. organisation of interdisciplinary seminars and courses in order to introduce young students of medicine in biomedical and molecular biology;

2. an MD/PhD program open to medical graduates which leads to the degree doctor rerum naturalium "Dr. rer.nat."

3. extemption of young MD’s from clinical routine work to ensure their active participation in research projects;

4. funding of 2 independent Junior Research Groups.

Another goal is to fund innovative projects for a short term to force the chance for a funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or another big third party funds. In order to support the scientific projects with special services two core units were established by the IZKF: 1. Set-up of an interdisciplinary group for microarray applications (until 2000), 2. Establishment of an central office for clinical trials at the University Hospital Würzburg for the suppert of the planning an d conduction of trials (planed for 2003

1. Research program: Publications and Results can be found under the scientific projects.

2. Training and support of young scientists:

MD/PhD-program: The program founded in 1997 is offered by the Faculties of Medicine and Biology. It was the first MD/PhD program in Germany. The programm is open to students of medicine after finishing their MD studies. The training programm is structured in two parts. The first part (one year) encompasses basic studies in biology (lectures, seminars, methods courses). Students conclude the programm with a two or three year doctor’s thesis project, leading to a Dr.rer nat degree. 20 students has joined the program: 10 (1997), 5 (2001), 5 (2002). 9 finished with a Dr. rer nat. The program has been successful and is well accepted by the Falculty of Medicine as well as the Faculty of Biology. Therefore it will be carefully enlarged in the future.

Extemption of young MD’s from clinical work: The IZKF offers three positions p.a. for this strategy. 15 MDs were fonded between 1999 and 2001.

Funding of two Junior Research Groups: 1. Dr. Volker Nehls, Molecular mechanisms of cell migration and regulation of differentiation of vascular cells unter physiological and pathological conditions (until 2001) 2. Dr. Burkhard Kneitz, Genomic Instability (1999-2004). A new Junior Research Group will begin in 2003.

The interdisciplinary program for young students is published at regular intervals.

Symposiums and workshops

International Symposium "Molekular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis", 11-13 April, 2002

Annual workshops of the scientist projects (1999 Pommersfelden, 2000 Würzburg)

Rewards and prizes:


Total costs

1999: EUR 4.686.658,16
2000: EUR 5.029.785,66
2001: EUR 4.840.123,97

Calculated costs:

2002: EUR 5.010.642
2003: EUR 5.010.642
2004 (until Mai): EUR 1.670.214

The IZKF is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and the B> (Bayrische Ministerium) The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has supported the Center 55,10% (1999 until May), 45% (2000) and 33,5% (2001).

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