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SFB 554
Am Hubland, Biozentrum, D-97074 Würzburg
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The basic goal of the collaborative research centre is the investigation of the biological foundations of animal behavior. Behavior constitutes the "final product" of exceedingly complex interactions of genetic and epigenetic programs, of ontogenetic processes that depend on morphological, physiological and neurobiological factors. Yet, more than any other feature, behavior is affected by combined actions of endogen and exogen influences. But even in such behavioral features that depend almost entirely on exogen forces (i.e. learning), evolutionary selection processes determine the constraints of behavioral flexibility. A comprehensive investigation of animal behavior therefore requires the analyses of physiological and neurobiological mechanisms, as well as the exploration of the populationgenetical, ethoecological and evolutionary foundations of behavior. The research projects of this program focus on arthropod species, because within this animal group we find the most suitable model systems for investigating animal behavior from the genetical, neurobiological, organismic and sociobiological perspective.

siehe Arbeits- und Ergebnisbericht 2000-2003

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