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Graduiertenkolleg Immunmodulation (Hünig)
Versbacher Str. 7, 97078 Würzburg

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Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
The GRK Immunomodulation is an interdisciplinary program in which researches of the faculties for medicine and biology cooperate in the areas of cellular and molecular immunology, the etiology and treatment of pathophysiological immune responses and the immune response to infectious agents. The 13 graduates doing their thesis work are trained during a three-year course. In January 2003, the GRK will go into its second funding period.
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Most of the 13 DFG-funded graduate students will successfully finish their thesis work by the end of 2003, and some of them have already passed their thesis defense. During this first three year cycle of the GRK, numerous publications were accepted, attesting to the high quality of this internationally composed group of young researchers and providing a solid basis for the application for a second funding period. This was approved at a site visit in May 2002. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the graduates and their coordinator, Dr. Andreas Kerstan, the GRK is now receiving improved funding for its second phase. Further details under

Total for three years: 1.452.640 DM
Consumables: 517.000 DM
Fellowships: 935.640 DM

Graduate College 520