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Research focus:  

Ostkirchliches Institut der Bayerisch-Deutschen Augustinerprovinz an der Univer-sität Würzburg (An-Institut)
Steinbachtal 2a, 97082 Wuerzburg

Scientific members:


   Scientific assistants:

Research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects):
Studies in history and theology concerning the ecumenical und theological
problem of multiple church hierarchy (jurisdiction) covering the same
ecclesiastical territory.

Days of study on ecumenical and theological questions with participation
of church officials and theologians from the orthodox, greek-catholic,
roman-catholic and protestant church. Day of study in February 2002:
"The three steps of church unity: local churches - partial churches -
universal church (partly publ.: Ostkirchliche Studien 50 [2001] 201-252).