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JainismMediation of Religious Content in Jain Narrative Literature as Exemplified by Saṅghadāsa's Vasudevahiṇḍī
jasmonateBiosynthesis of plant signals and secondary metabolites from unsaturated fatty acids
JCVInfluence of hematopoetic proliferation signals on the expression of JCV infections in peripheral lymphocytes
Polyomavirus associated diseases: Role of the humoral immune response for diagnosis and prognosis for PML and HC
Jean Pauls.o.(see german version)
siehe oben
Transcription and electronic edition (CD-ROM, WWW) of Jean Pauls excerpts
Transcription and electronic edition (CD-ROM, WWW) of Jean Pauls excerpts
Jean-Paul-Bibliographiewie vor
Jean-Paul-Nachlaßdto.(see german version)
Johann Lucas von HildebrandtDFG Project "The history of architecture and decoration of Würzburg
Johann Prokop MayerPublication of the drawings for the etchings in the "Pomona Franconica" by
Johann Prokop Mayer
joint capsule 3-D reconstruction of collagen fiber structureArchitecture of collagen fiber bundles in ligaments, rotator cuff and capsule of the human shoulder.
Joint MasterProtect Cultural Heritage, Build confidence, Spread broad effect: Structure of a dual Joint Master Program Museum Studies Helwan-Würzburg
joint replacementDetection of differentially expressed genes in particle disease using array-filter analysis
joint-ventureThe Pentacle-Project
Judicial IndependenceAdministration of Justice
Independence of the Judiciary and New Public Management
judicial reviewThe binding force of basic rights for the legislature
Juridical Decision MakingIn dubio contra reo? Anchoring effects as biases in juridical decision making and possibilities for their correction
JurisdictionSources of the jurisdiction of Emperor Frederick III (1440-1493)
JurisprudenceInteraction of Law and Theology
juvenile arthritisReceptor Editing in peripheral B cells of children with juvenile rheumatoid/idiopathic arthritis
juvenile hormoneHormonal control of the silk genes in the graeter wax moth, Galleria mellonella.
juvenile strokeStroke Therapy