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Key word index w

walking robotsThe higher control of insect walking by the brain - neurogenetical analysis in Drosophila, application to robots
wall chartTaught knowledge and knowledge of teaching in primary school wall charts during the Wilhelmian Empire
Wal-MartWal-Mart. A Case Study
wars.o.(see german version)
watersInvertebrate diversity of temporary tropical waters and mechanisms of its maintenance
WavesFast Solvers for Simulation, Inversion, and Control of Wave Propagation Problems
Wear particles / osteolysis / mesenchymal stem cells / cytokinesBiological effects of wear particles on mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)
webPragmatics and Semantics in Collaborative Tagging Systems
weight regulation"usage of the differential-displaymethod for indentification of genes which take part in weight regulation"
Weimar Epoch (1918-1933)Edition of the constitutions of the German
Welfare StateModern Employment Policy - Guidelines for Curing the Structural Crisis
werden in Kürze nachgereichtwird in Kürze nachgereicht
werden in Kürze nachgetragenwird in Kürze nachgetragen
West AfricaArthropods as ecosystem engineers: The impact of ants and termites on soil properties and vegetation.
Coexistence and resource use in space and time in a West-African tortoise beetle community
Communication and sexual selection in African frogs
Comparative studies on ephemeral savanna waters and their significance for diversity and productivity of fish communities in natural and anthropogenically disturbed rivers
Ecology and ethology of kob antelopes (Kobus kob) and possibilities of their sustainable use
Flexibility as an answer to unpredictability? - Alternative life-cycle strategies in Hyperolius nitidulus
Invertebrate diversity of temporary tropical waters and mechanisms of its maintenance
Measuring and monitoring Amphibian diversity in West Africa: separating global from regional and local causes
Seed dispersal and seed predation by Olive Baboons (Papio hamadryas anubis Lesson 1827, Cercopithecidae, Primates) in the Comoé National Park, Ivory Coast
Westa AfricaThe biology of West African leopards (Panthera pardus, Linné 1758) in a seasonal environment: radiotracking an elusive and highly adaptable hunter
West-AfricaGLOWA-VOLTA Phase II From Concepts to Application: Sustainable Water Use under Changing Land Use, Rainfall Reliability and Water Demands in the Volta Basin. Landuse Cluster: Subprojects: L1 (Landuse Change Detection and Quantification), L4 (Vegetation Dynamics) and L6 (LUCC Modelling)
WestafrikaPredators, parasitoids, destruents - ecology and behavior of tropical arthropods
white/environmental biotechnologyEnvironmental technology, especially bioremediation - the origin of an idustry
WHOWHO Collaboration Center for Radiation Accident Management
Whole bloodClinical effectiveness of leucocyte depleted whole blood
after long time storage
whooping coughEvolution of pathogenic properties in the genus Bordetella
will be donewill be done
Wilms tumor bank and analysisCompetence network "Pediatric Oncology" - Embryonal Tumors - Wilms Tumor Bank
WineROENOBIO: Robust energy optimization of fermentation processes for the production of biogas and wine
Wine priceThe relationship between price and quality in the market for high class wines
Winter SchoolComparative Studies in Adult and Lifelong Learning
wird in Kürze nachgereichtWird in Kürze nachgereicht.
wird in Kürze nachtgereicht
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.wird in Kürze nachgereicht
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.
Wird in Kürze nachgereicht.
wird in Kürze nachgetragenwird in Kürze nachgetragen
wird in Kürze nachgetragen
wird nachgereichtESF Exporatory Workshop: Developments in European radionuclide therapy dosimetry
workloadEMPHASIS (Effort-Management and Performance Handling in safety-relevant situations)
WorkloadWorkload-dependant warning- and information-management system
work-relatedC2: developement and validation of a generic screening-instrument to assess work-related health-problems and the need for work-related rehabilitation. C3: Systematic collection and scientific evaluation of work-related interventions in medical rehabilitation.
wound healingMolecular mechanisms of postoperative ocular wound healing and scarring
Role of chemokines during normal and pathological wound healing
writing acquisition processIndividualized methods of elemtary literacy instruction
WT1Functional analysis of the WT1 gene
Induction and differentiation of the proepicardial serosa. A cardiac progenitor cell population
WuerzburgBishop and 'Hochstift' in the later Middle Ages
Protect Cultural Heritage, Build confidence, Spread broad effect: Structure of a dual Joint Master Program Museum Studies Helwan-Würzburg
WürzburgThe benedictin monastery of Saint Stephan in the city of Würzburg
Würzburg ResidenceDFG Project "The history of architecture and decoration of Würzburg