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Report on research activities of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (University of Würzburg)

The report on research activities of the University of Würzburg presents each organisatorial unit’s research foci. This or these can either be diverse reseach orientations such as different fields covered by individual researchers or various work groups, or basic equipment-based research projects etc.. Third-party funded projects are presented seperately.

The research data base offers the following search options:


Branch to a certain organisation unit of the university of Würzburg for all research foci and third-party funded projects of this unit.

name index A-Z:

Search the alphabetical name index for all research foci and third-party funded projects in which this person cooperates.

keyword index A-Z (for third-party funded projects):

Search the alphabetical keyword index for third-party funded projects containing this term.

special university-wide search:

Full text search with the University of Würzburg keyword search machine by one or more key words

general search:

You can also find particular terms with full text search via professional internet-wide search machines.

Your contact for questions or suggestions regarding the research report:

Questions on general or content issues:

Prof. Dr. Lukas Worschech
Servicezentrum Forschung und Innovation (SFI)
Tel. +49(0)931/31-85813

Questions on technical issues or problems:

Mr. David Di Blasio
Tel. +49(0)931/31- 82029